Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Wedding theme, hmm, what will mine be?

 It is important to decide on a theme for your wedding.  A theme that fits your new life together will not only establish your style as a couple, but will set a tone that your friends and family will be quite comfortable with. It can be simple or elaborate, wild or conservative, but what is important is that the theme fit your new life together  and that your guests experience it from beginning to end.

Most important is the Venue you choose. Let  your venue inspire a theme or your theme inspire a venue. Bring your florist out.  Florists are great in carrying your theme forward.  Let them see the venue and let their creativity run.  If you have chosen the right vendors your theme should take on a momentum of it’s own.

Let your other vendors run with the theme as well. Your caterer will have menu and presentation ideas. Your D.J. will have music that will carry the theme through the night. Choose colors that compliment your theme. And it is the photographers job to capture all the great visuals you have created.

A great theme for your wedding day will set the tone for your new life together and will make that day one that will always be remembered by all who came.