Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Wedding theme, hmm, what will mine be?

 It is important to decide on a theme for your wedding.  A theme that fits your new life together will not only establish your style as a couple, but will set a tone that your friends and family will be quite comfortable with. It can be simple or elaborate, wild or conservative, but what is important is that the theme fit your new life together  and that your guests experience it from beginning to end.

Most important is the Venue you choose. Let  your venue inspire a theme or your theme inspire a venue. Bring your florist out.  Florists are great in carrying your theme forward.  Let them see the venue and let their creativity run.  If you have chosen the right vendors your theme should take on a momentum of it’s own.

Let your other vendors run with the theme as well. Your caterer will have menu and presentation ideas. Your D.J. will have music that will carry the theme through the night. Choose colors that compliment your theme. And it is the photographers job to capture all the great visuals you have created.

A great theme for your wedding day will set the tone for your new life together and will make that day one that will always be remembered by all who came.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guess whathappened at the Plantation in 2010...

2010 was a banner year at New Canton Plantation. In the early spring just a few  months before our first scheduled weddings started, The Plantation was a construction war zone.There were piles of dirt and debris,  trucks, bulldozers and workers everywhere. The only concrete that was finished was bright silver and needed 170 years of "Faux"  aging to bring it into line with the antebellum   mansion. We tried to assure those who toured the property that in spite of what they saw every thing would be finished and all that red mud would be pretty green grass. An anonymous man called refusing to give Angela his name saying that the place was a wreck and there was no way it would be finished before their event. We saved his phone # under "Disgruntled Dad". We knew he was the father of a bride we just didn't which bride. Mutiny makes one nervous.  Mrs. Birdsong was nervous, actually, the truth be known, I was nervous. Would we finish in time? Would the grass grow?  Would the rain give us a break? And above all, how would this meticulously detailed  yet terribly late project turn out? We lost more weddings than we will ever know, but in spite of the war zone that was "The Plantation" many fell in love with the property and booked us on faith. Looking back Angela and I realize the trust those first few couples put in us. We now call them our "charter members" and they truly made us as much a part of their wedding as they did their own family. Those weddings were all blessed with beautiful weather, great music, and many wonderful memories . Thanks  Ya'll.
But the grass did grow, that new silver  concrete now looks amazingly ancient, the statuary looks like it's been there 200 years, and the new veranda holds 150 plus in high style. Angela and I were told over and over what a blessing the Plantation was to those who booked with us. Some Charter members are already asking for baby shower reservations; WAY TO GO!!! Actually, if you want to know the truth  ... the blessing was ours. Oh, one more thing, Disgruntled Dad emerged from anonymity, slipped Angela a 100, thanked her for going above and beyond for his daughter's wedding, and now they are best buds. He's coming back with a friend soon- He's a charter member.

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